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Back Injury

"I first became a patient of Releasings Chiropractic when I was struggling with a back injury. Dr.Kendra gently and skillfully provided me with treatment which eased my pain and created alignment in my body.  When I became pregnant I was happy to continue with chiropractic care which kept my growing body comfortable, especially in the final weeks leading up to the birth of my son.  Now that he has arrived I am more thankful than ever for Dr.Kendra's expertise.  It is amazing to see the effects of her treatments on his little body, from relief of digestive issues to increased comfort in his car seat, it is truly amazing! "

- Leona | 30's | Duncan, BC

Prolonged Pain After Delivery

"The first year after pregnancy, I struggled with back, rib and pelvic pain. I had tried everything with very little results. After spending some time with Dr. Kendra she helped me to understand the challenges my spine was dealing with, helped to correct them, gave me exercises and stretches to aid in the healing and all around helped improve my well being. The technique they use is much gentler than others as the manual twisting terrified me and my body did not react well. The torque tool gently manipulated my spine and I always feel at my best comfort in the weeks following an appointment. I am so thankful for them. "

- Krystal | 30's | Maple Bay, BC

Professional Recommendation

"Ray and Kendra are an amazing team. They are committed, knowledgeable, and gracious. I send my clients to them when they need more than Somatics. It is an honour to know them and my body always responds to a treatment at Releasings."

- Judy | 60's | Duncan, BC


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