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Dr. Kendra Sharp-Hulbert & Dr. Ray Hulbert

"When you're in our care,

      you become family too."

- Dr. Kendra Sharp-Hulbert 


As an accredited chiropractic facility, we are trained chiropractic doctors who have been working with patients for almost two-decades. After years of working in Alberta, we fell in love with Vancouver Island and made it our home.


In our spare time, you can find us hiking, camping, boating and enjoying our kids’ sporting activities with our two children.
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Our goal in chiropractic is to make each individual feel cared for at every visit. We have created a relaxed atmosphere where families can feel comfortable in our offices. As each person has their own unique history, subluxation pattern and energetic needs, it is our aim to understand each patient's individual needs. Some individuals do well with a lot of work during one visit and others heal faster when only working on one or two areas. Each visit, we try to always assess them with a fresh perspective, the body is always healing and changing and we expect changes. We believe in sharing the chiropractic lifestyle with families and helping them to live their best lives so that they can function at their peak.


When a patient begins care at Releasings Chiropractic, it’s like bringing someone into our family. First, we make sure to give them a thorough history and chiropractic exam. Next, we try to explain the benefits and uses of chiropractic care. Most importantly, we use our technique to “unravel the mystery” and discovery where their blockages are and how we can release them in the most gentle way possible. As soon as we lay our hands on them, the challenge of solving their complex, unique mystery becomes very encompassing.



The Torque Release technique is a gentle and specific approach to chiropractic. This technique focuses on the tone of the nervous system and how that affects the body and person as a whole. In the

assessment, the chiropractor uses biofeedback techniques to assess the subluxation (tightness and displacement) while also checking after the adjustment. Most patients experience deeper breathing and better posture immediately after the adjustment. The adjustment opens the channels of healing - that continue for days after receiving the adjustment. Torque Release is a certified technique that replaces manual manipulation. See Torque Release technique utilizes an instrument called the Integrator (see image in testimonials) or click here to watch the video. The adjustment is very gentle but very effective.



our patient

Back Injury

"I first became a patient of Releasings Chiropractic when I was struggling with a back injury. Dr.Kendra gently and skillfully provided me with treatment which eased my pain and created alignment in my body.  When I became pregnant I was happy to continue with chiropractic care which kept my growing body comfortable, especially in the final weeks leading up to the birth of my son.  Now that he has arrived I am more thankful than ever for Dr.Kendra's expertise.  It is amazing to see the effects of her treatments on his little body, from relief of digestive issues to increased comfort in his car seat, it is truly amazing! "

- Leona | 30's | Duncan, BC

Prolonged Pain After Delivery

"The first year after pregnancy, I struggled with back, rib and pelvic pain. I had tried everything with very little results. After spending some time with Dr. Kendra she helped me to understand the challenges my spine was dealing with, helped to correct them, gave me exercises and stretches to aid in the healing and all around helped improve my well being. The technique they use is much gentler than others as the manual twisting terrified me and my body did not react well. The torque tool gently manipulated my spine and I always feel at my best comfort in the weeks following an appointment. I am so thankful for them. "

- Krystal | 30's | Maple Bay, BC


From 4 days old to 94 years old, we have experience caring for patients of all ages.
Our technique is easily modified to work ideally and gently for patients of any age, size, or ability. We are able to aid in the correction of everything from posture, computer strain, and general aches and pains to arthritis relief, sinusitis, and trauma.

Regardless of the reason, we work with you to develop a care plan to address your concerns.

Pregnancy is a time when the body is undergoing many physical changes. Chiropractic helps the body to adapt to those changes, feel greater comfort and prepare for the birth process.

Infants can endure many physical stressors in the birth process. Chiropractic care can help ensure the health of their spine and nervous system and give them a great start in life, plus aid with

gastric reflux, sleeping and even nursing.


Many patients enjoy ongoing chiropractic care to maintain a sense of well-being, help with adapting to life’s stressors, and preventing problems before they become symptomatic.

We also do continued corrective care to improve posture and help with repetitive strain syndrome. Regular visits through your lifetime is key to maintaining a healthy spine. 

After an injury, chiropractic care is a great place to start. Initially, the goal is to decrease pain and increase mobility and function. We then move onto corrective care, often including stretches and home exercises to strengthen the spine, improve posture and prevent future injury. Often, patients choose to maintain their good health through a maintenance program.


33 Lois Lane

Duncan, BC,

Vancouver Island

V9L 5H4

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Tel: (250) 597-4443


Serving: Duncan, Mill Bay, Cobble Hill, Maple Bay, Crofton, Chemainus, Ladysmith and surrounding communities.

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CANCELLATIONS: 24-hours notice is required when cancelling or re-booking an appointment to avoid missed appointment fees. Thank you for your understanding.

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